Gain clarity across your business and the ability to make decisions based on reliable, accurate and timely data. Decision Inc. Data Management consultants will help you leverage your key organizational asset – data.

Data Management is the platform from which business decisions are made. It is vital that data is accurate and easily accessible by users. Our data management consultants will help you develop, execute and support your data plans and policies.


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Our team of experienced, Microsoft Certified consultants will be able to assist and support you in the following areas:

Consulting and Advisory

We will partner with you to design, implement and fast track your long-term strategic Business Intelligence Road Map through the following key areas:

  • Business Analysis
  • Environment Audits
  • Data Warehouses
  • Data Marts
  • Data Governance
  • Data Visualisation and Reporting
  • Environment Upgrades
  • System Control

Solution Development

With years of experience and working with clients across multiple industries, our Data Management consultants are experts in the following fields:

Data Warehousing/Data Marts

  • Centralised data that is accurate, easily accessible throughout the business and used as a platform for all your reporting and decision making requirements
  • Following Kimball methodologies, we cover components of a data warehouse architecture from source system extraction, staging areas, presentation areas with conformed facts and dimensions, to data access

Big Data

  • We can support you in managing large, complex, data sets overcoming challenges such as analysis, search, sharing, storage, transfer and visualizations


  • Tired of combining multiple CSV or Excel files? Allow us to help you automate the process by making use of Extract, Transform and Load tools which will reduce risk and save you time
  • Combining multiple data sources often requires data transformations such as cleansing, deduplicating, dealing with missing elements and assigning warehouse keys. These are all precursors to loading the data into the data warehouse presentation area

Reporting and Visualisation

  • Our consultants will design and build your reports and dashboards. Data visualisation is not only used to show business performance but also drive business behaviour

Master Data Management

  • Managing data quality
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