Access to the right information is critical to decision making. However we also understand that sound decision making requires more than just access to data. Our solutions combine industry, business, functional and technology expertise to provide solutions that deliver value to your business.


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Business Intelligence

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Your business data should be your competitive advantage. Decision Inc. will help you leverage it. From pixel perfect reporting, dashboards and data visualization to self-service query and analysis, Decision Inc. engages with you to build, implement and support business intelligence platforms that deliver information to answer the right business questions.

We have over ten years’ experience in applying tools and applications, with robust implementation methodologies, to enable our clients to collate and optimise their data. We have developed a number of analytic applications to help fast-track your business intelligence implementation and achieve a rapid return on investment.

But we also understand that each organisation is unique, so we apply adept business analysis to help craft a complete solution. We deliver real value to our clients, and monitor our success by measuring improvement in increased profitability, cost savings and better efficiencies.

Advanced Analytics

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Advanced analytics will help you better forsee future performance and which levers to manipulate to change course and achieve financial goals.

Decision Inc. will leverage your data sources, including big data, to answer challenging business questions. Let us assist you in determining patterns and predicting future outcomes and trends. We analyse data and historical facts and, using sophisticated predictive models, analysis and scenario planning, provide you with the ability to better understand your customers, products and partners, as well as identify potential risks and opportunities.

By applying mathematical precision with business insight we can help you identify potential risks and opportunities for your organisation. Advanced analytics will help your business transition from where it is to where you want it to be.

Data Management

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Put your data on your balance sheet.

Your data is a very valuable resource and like all valuable resources it needs to be looked after and well managed in order to extract maximum value. Our data management consultants will help you develop, execute and support your data plans and policies. We will assist you in controlling, protecting and enhancing the value of your data.

We use well established methodologies to deploy the data appropriate technologies, ensuring successful implementations.

Business Productivity Solutions

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We build solutions that allow you to share, collaborate, and improve productivity. Our solutions allow you to manage your knowledge assets to meet operational and strategic requirements.We provide clients with expert advice that enables them to make informed decisions with regards to the most appropriate solution to fit their unique business environment.  We deliver high quality solutions; backed by professional on-going support and maintenance.

Enterprise Performance Management

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Decision Inc. is able to strategically optimise value within your organisation by deploying quality budgeting, planning and consolidation solutions. Through a combination of best of breed technology and in-house specialist expertise, we enable your organisation to make real time, accurate decisions that have material impact on your bottom line.


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Digital technologies impact business and your employees significantly, and can revolutionise business activities, processes, competencies and operations. Leveraging the profound and accelerating impact of digital technologies can catapult traditional organisations into distinction. Decision Inc. will help you embrace digital disruption.



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